Irving J. Spitzberg, Jr., Esq.

Counsel and Senior Consultant

A Graduate of Columbia, Oxford, and the Yale Law School, and a member of the Bars of the District of Columbia and the States of California and Virginia, Mr. Spitzberg has extensive experience in higher education. From 1971 to 1974, as a Fellow of the Institute of Current World Affairs, Mr. Spitzberg traveled the world studying educational systems. For a decade, he was a professor of policy studies and education at Brown, the Claremont Colleges and SUNY/Buffalo. He was also Dean of the Colleges at SUNY/Buffalo and founded one residential college for international students. During the 1980s, he served higher education in association leadership roles, first as General Secretary of the American Association of University Professors and then as Director of the Council for Liberal Learning of the Association of American Colleges. He led the Luce Foundation National Leadership Development Project and participated with national business leaders in planning international business school research for the 1990s. During the past three decades, he has consulted to companies and educational institutions in Britain, Kenya, Nigeria, Germany, the People's Republic of China, Israel, and Mexico.

Mr. Spitzberg has written extensively about comparative higher education policy, the international exchange of knowledge, leadership, legal issues, and race relations. Among his books are: The Exchange of Expertise: The Counterpart System and the New International Order and Universities and the International Exchange of Knowledge. He is coeditor and coauthor of Quality and Access: British and American Higher Education, British Open University Press.

Mr. Spitzberg's judgments about educational credentials have been accepted as the basis of admission to a number of universities and colleges, including Columbia, Brown, the Claremont Colleges, St. Catherine's College, Oxford, and SUNY/Buffalo. Mr. Spitzberg, the founding President of The Knowledge Company, currently acts as corporate counsel and consults on equivalencies of British and Commonwealth qualifications.

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