Work Experience Evaluation for H-1B Visas

The Knowledge Company’s Standard Work Experience Evaluation is designed for foreign nationals who have years of professional experience in the field of Business, Engineering and Computer-related disciplines, but lack appropriate baccalaureate degree equivalency in the United States. The Knowledge Company’s work experience evaluation reports deem feasible under the law, and USCIS and DOL regulations, feature an educational credential evaluation, if applicable, and an expert opinion from an independent recognized authority (usually a university-based expert) advising the USCIS that the foreign national’s education, if applicable, specialized training, if applicable, and work experience are equivalent to completion of a United States baccalaureate degree.

Our standard fee is $300 for 10 business days. We also offer a Rush 5-Day service for $600 based upon the availability of our experts.

Documentation needed for evaluations:

Important Notes:

It is possible to change an educational credential evaluation into a Standard Work Experience Evaluation report. This change must be authorized in writing and the fee paid in full in advance. The client will receive a credit of $45 toward the Standard Work Experience Evaluation report, provided that no new substantial information will be added to the original educational credential evaluation.

Fees are nonrefundable in their entirety once an application for evaluation is filed. The Knowledge Company will not refund payment of a report that the applicant cancels after submitting the request. The Knowledge Company will not complete a report nor will we refund payment if a request includes forged, altered, or falsified documents.

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